Freshmen Finding Their Way

  • Mar 6, 2019
  • Local News, Politics
  • Team Seth Rose

Free Times spotlighted the work of Seth Rose and Kambrell Garvin, two freshmen state Representatives from Richland County, in its March 6th edition.

The article details each representative's path to a life of service, politics and passion in this cover story, and goes into detail on some of the legislation each one is working on this cycle.

"The challenge is that you are one of 124... You walk into that House chamber and there are 124 desks. If you get a law through that House chamber, it then needs to go through the Senate and make its way through that chamber. So, that can sometimes feel daunting. But I’ve always been up for challenges," Rose said in the article.

To see the cover article from The Free Times (Columbia, SC), please click here.